NITH 2011-2012 / Emner / Design subjects(DS, DSD)  

Design subjects(DS, DSD)

DS102 Web Design 1
DS121 Design Lab 1
DS130 Introduction to game design
DS146 Game history and concepts
DS156 Level design 1; multiplayer
DS160 Introduction to Interaction Design
DS170 Introduction to visualisation
DS180 Introduction to 3D graphics
DS190 Visualisation of architecture
DS202 Web Design 2
DS2100 Animation
DS2200 Digital culture
DS221 Design Lab 2
DS260 Level design 2: Single player
DS280 Advanced 3D modelling, character and environment
DS290 Illumination, rendering and composition
DS302 Interaction Design 1
DS330 System Design 1
DS331 Game System Design
DS340 Visual Storytelling Techniques
DS402 Interaction Design 2
DS600 Game Culture
DS610 Game Prototyping and Testing
DSK102 Webdesign 1