NITH 2012-2013 / Emner / Prosjektemner(PJ) / PJ600 Degree Project  

PJ600 Degree Project


Degree Project

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Course leader
Eivind Brevik

External examiner
Birgit Krogstie, NTNU

Date of approval

The students will gain professional experience through carrying out a project in a company. They are expected to show good knowledge of central themes and theories, and to show skills in methods, tools and technology central to the discipline.

All courses in the first year of study have to be completed. Additionally, the course Software Engineering must have been completed.

Competence objectives

At completion of the course the students will be able to

  • present central topics, theories and solutions both in writing, orally and through other relevant media;
  • adapt an assignment to the given framework of a project;
  • explain the use of the assignment to the employer/the company;
  • gather necessary information in a structured way;
  • evaluate and use methods and tools suited to the assignment, such as development methodology and development tools;
  • design and quality assure the solution in accordance with specifications and established standards;
  • judge the relevance of the assignment to established knowledge and research in the field;
  • plan and steer the implementation of a project;
  • use sources correctly;
  • describe and evaluate their experiences in the project and what they have learned from the process;
  • present the result of the project in a clear and structured way and adapted to the target group.
Each project group should have 3 to 5 members. There is both an internal and an external supervisor.

Grading system
Bokstavkarakter / Letter grade

Diploma supplement text
The bachelor programme finishes with a degree project that involves carrying out an IT project in a company. The project gives professional experience, employing knowledge and skills from the entire study.

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Vurdering / Assessment

Percentual weighting (%):

Type of assessment:
Mappe (se emnesiden) / Portfolio

Alle / All


Vår / Spring