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BU410 Negotiation technique


Negotiation technique

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Course leader
Asle Fagerstrøm

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Espen Andersen

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The course teaches the purchase and sale of IT services, materiel, licences, and outsourcing services with contract negotiations included in the processes. It gives an introduction to negotiation concepts and methods, and gives skills in using such knowledge in practice. Different types of negotiation processes are presented, based on different types of agreement, conflict situations and business processes. The course gives an understanding of the importance of negotiation results for business purposes, and of the fact that different interests, cultures, languages and attitudes often influence the processes.

No particular prerequisites.

Competence objectives

- Learning about purchase and sale processes and contract types for trade with IT services, materiel, licences and outsourcing. 
- Understanding the necessity of negotiating as a natural part of a business process, and the importance of reaching a negotiated result. 

- Understanding a negotiation situation and being able to participate in planning, implementing and finalising negotiation processes for different contract types. 

- Being familiar with negotiations, including negotiation style and rules, rules of conduct, different types of agreement, and international settings.

- Being familiar with special issues related to negotiating such as cross-cultural negotiations, purchase and sales agreements, conflict solving, disputes, confidentiality, and ethics.


Lectures, exercises, groupwork and negotiation simulations. The course has a practical approach with examples and practices taken from business life. The students practice varied negotiation situations and role play, and are given individual feedback. The students work in small groups: 'negotiation teams'.


Page 1 – 319 in L.L. Thompson (see below) plus teaching material and information handed out in class or published on the class website. 

Grading system
Bokstavkarakter / Letter grade

Diploma supplement text
The course Negotiation Technique has a practical approach and aims to give competence in planning, implementing and ending sales and purchasing processes, contract types and negotiation situations.

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The mind and heart of the negotiator  Leigh Thompson  Prentice Hall  2005  0131407384    Bok  Pensum 

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