NITH 2012-2013 / Emner / Design subjects(DS, DSD)  

Design subjects(DS, DSD)

DS2100 Animation
DS2200 Digital culture
DS231 Game Development
DS302 Interaction Design 1
DS3100 Web Development 1
DS3200 Design Lab 1
DS3300 Interaction Design 1
DS340 Visual Storytelling Techniques
DS3400 Game Design 1
DS3450 Game Development
DS3500 Game Prototyping and Testing
DS3600 3D Graphics 1
DS3700 Architectural Visualisation
DS380 Optimalisation and Structure
DS390 3D Animation
DS402 Interaction Design 2
DS410 Specialisation character/environment
DS4100 Web Development 2
DS4200 Design Lab 2
DS4300 Interaction Design 2
DS4400 Cross-Platform Design
DS4450 Game History and Culture
DS4500 Level Design 1: Multiplayer
DS4600 3D Graphics 2
DS4650 3D Animation
DS4700 Lighting, rendering and follow-up work
DS5200 3D Design for Mobile AR
DS530 Game Prototyping and Testing