NITH 2013-2014  

Norges informasjonsteknologiske Høgskole AS (NITH)
Schweigaardsgate 14, 0185 Oslo
Tlf: 22 05 99 99 /

NITH is the only Norwegian university college specializing in IT education in technology and design. NITH places great importance on combining high academic quality with practical IT competence. The academic standard is subject to government accreditation by the NOKUT authority and NITH has accreditation as a university college. The practical IT competence is gained through project-based curricula and contact with businesses in the private sector. 

NITH has long experience in IT education. For almost 45 years it has graduated engineers and other graduates with technological competence. NITH is owned by Anton B Nilsen Utdanning, Norway's second largest private educational institution. 

NITH is located in Oslo with modern facilities for teaching and other important aspects of a good study environment. The University College now has about 500 students and 30 staff. 

The studies are to a large degree organized with student teams and projects. This is done in order to practice theory as well as developing the students' ability to cooperate. In the sixth semester (third year of study) the students work with real cases in companies. These projects are important also in terms of having students be a part of networks that may turn out to be beneficial to them after graduation.

In addition to the study programmes leading to the title Bachelor of Information Technology, we cooperate with Brunel University in London in offering a full- or part-time master's programme with a duration of two years. The teaching, which is in English, takes place in Oslo and the master's degree diploma is issued by Brunel.

NITH offers part-time as well as full-time studies, a preparatory course for the engineering programmes, and Mathematics R1 as well as other separate courses. 

NITH is a member of the student welfare organization (Studentsamskipnaden) in Oslo and Akershus (OAS) as well as Nettverk for Private Høyskoler (NPH). 

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