NITH 2013-2014 / Emner / Programming subjects (PG, IPG)  

Programming subjects (PG, IPG)

PG1100 Programming 1
PG2100 Programming 2
PG2201 Unity Game Development
PG3100 Advanced Java Programming 1
PG3200 Android Programming
PG3300 Software Architecture
PG3400 Programming in C for Linux
PG4100 Advanced Java Programming 2
PG4200 Algorithms and Data Structures
PG4300 Ruby on Rails
PG4400 C++ Programming
PG4500 Game AI
PG4600 Mobile Development
PG5100 Enterprise Programming
PG5200 Tools Programming
PG5300 Web 2.0 and Ajax
PG5500 Embedded Systems
PG5600 iOS Programming
PG6100 Enterprise Programming 2
PG6200 Graphics Programming
PG6300 Web Development and API Design